Like father, like son, Sean Hwang was raised and developed his skills in the restaurant setting. Growing up with his Master Chef parents, Sean was introduced at an early age to the importance of quality within service and cuisine. Sean was raised with a large variety of cultural food experiences while working in his mother and father’s restaurant, however, he has set out to move beyond the traditions of his youth.

His greatest desire is to bring all food offered in his restaurant to the next level. This is achieved by building and expanding upon the foundation of the knowledge that has been passed down to him through the generations. With years of experience learning and implementing knowledge in his parent’s restaurant, Sean is thoroughly prepared to take the baton and assume the position of Owner-Operator.

The Hwang tradition of treating guests like family has not been lost throughout the years and Sean is just as passionate, if not more so, to welcome guests into his new home. One of his favorite things about operating a restaurant is the joy he receives from watching people enjoy the dishes that are prepared there. In the meantime, when not spending time with his wife and two children, he will continue to research foods, wines and spirits and ways to continue to upgrade the entire dining experience for his guests.


Sean Hwang