Master Sushi Chef

InQ was born on the small island of Kang-Hwa, off the coast of South Korea. As a small child, InQ started developing the artisan skills of fishing and preparing fresh seafood, with his mother’s guidance with proper usage of ingredients in seasoning. During InQ's teenage years, he grew his innate talent while working in his mother’s Korean style Chinese restaurant. After the tragic passing of his mother, Chef InQ took over the reins to lead the kitchen into the future.

When InQ’s son, Sean, was born, he stepped away from the kitchen momentarily to provide a better life for his family. He always knew that his passion for food would ultimately bring him back. Seeking more opportunities for his child, Chef InQ eventually made his way to the Midwest. It was in America that he was able to focus explicitly on sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. Throughout the Chicago area and Indianapolis, he sought out and studied under the most renowned and experienced sushi and hibachi chefs, fine tuning his skills in all areas and learning sauces from various nations.

Armed with years of kitchen, farming, and fishing experience, he adapted quickly and put his focus on the culture of the cuisine he was studying. Chef InQ takes your dining experience to heart as demonstrated by his own words: “When I am preparing food, I keep one thing in my mind. When a guest sits down to experience my art of food, they are my family now and deserve to be treated as such.” In fact, one of his favorite pastimes is making sure that his guests return a clean dish, thus ensuring success in the meal he has prepared for them. When not checking membership in the “Clean Plate Club”, you will likely find him doting over his two grandsons.

InQ Hwang